Fullscreen Lightbox Javasript
Fullscreen Lightbox React

Fullscreen Lightbox

Vanilla JS plugin for displaying images and videos in clean overlaying box. No jQuery and other dependencies.

Create your own gallery, slideshow with powerful javascript lightbox.

Fullscreen Lightbox

Easy to use

<!-- Add styles -->
<link href="fslightbox.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

<!-- Create links -->
<a fslightbox-gallery="gallery1" href="video.mp4"> <video src="video.mp4"> </a>
<a fslightbox-gallery="gallery1" href="image.jpg"> <img src="video.mp4"> </a>

<!-- Add library -->
<script src="fslightbox.min.js"></script>

If you want to see whole guide visit documention.

Fully responsive
Scaling to every device.
No dependencies
You don't need any external dependencies to get FsLightbox to work.
User friendly
Easy and clear interface.
Fullscreen Lightbox mobile
HTML5 videos
Full support for HTML5 videos.
YouTube videos
Easily display videos from YouTube in special embed player.
Automatic content recognition
Just give a link. Simple?


Check out how basic version of Fullscreen Lightbox works.

HTML5 Videos

YouTube Videos

Choose your version

Basic version is available under MIT license. Pro version license is available here.





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