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Cookies Policy

The description of every cookie we use on our Service. Here you can control the way cookies are managed.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential so that you can move around the website and use its features. Without these cookies the Service you have asked for cannot be provided.

is-local-storage-enabledRemembers the visitor's performance cookies setting.PersistentHTML Local Storage
XSRF-TOKENProtects the website against XSRF attacks.2 HoursHTTP Cookie
laravel_sessionStores data across multiple requests.2 HoursHTTP Cookie
environmentProvides the possibility of exploring the lightbox of given environment and purchasing it.1 WeekHTTP Cookie
cartRemembers and processes the items in the shopping cart.1 WeekHTTP Cookie
tokenProvides authentication.2 WeeksHTTP Cookie
tokenIdProvides authentication.2 WeeksHTTP Cookie

Performance cookies

Those cookies improve the performance of the Service.

fslightbox-scrollbar-widthSaves the visitor's scrollbar width to render the demo lightboxes faster on the next website's loads.PersistentHTML Local Storage
fslightbox-typesSaves the detected types of the demo lightboxes to render the lightboxes faster on the website's next loads.PersistentHTML Local Storage
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