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React Lightbox Documentation

Learn how to use the React version of Fullscreen Lightbox.


Package manager (the basic version only)

Install the plug-in with your preferred package manager:

$ npm install fslightbox-react
# or
$ yarn add fslightbox-react


Download the .tgz archive from the download page. Put it somewhere in your project, for example, "./src/lib". Then run the package manager's install command with the path of that archive. The command have to be run from the directory where your project's "package.json" file is.

$ npm install src/lib/[lightbox archive name]
# or
$ yarn add src/lib/[lightbox archive name]

For example:

$ npm install src/lib/fslightbox-react-pro-1.0.0.tgz
# or
$ yarn add src/lib/fslightbox-react-pro-1.0.0.tgz

If the pro version was installed after removing the basic version, cleaning the package manager's cache may be needed to reflect the change.

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